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Internet Off the
Beaten Path

Beam by Shentel is bringing a new kind of affordable, reliable wireless internet service to rural households like yours.

“We didn’t know too much about Internet TV and all the stuff you could get on it. It’s monumental. We had no idea all that was out there. I’m watching YouTube on how to paint and decorate.”



Beam Customer



Bringing More to the Life You Love

You shouldn’t have to move to the city to experience high quality, reliable internet service. Beam brings a higher quality internet service to rural areas, so you can work, learn, and play freely on your home internet. 

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Dad and son in field

Service That Doesn't Settle

Stop wasting time managing your internet connection and enjoy it instead. Say goodbye to recurring outages, low speeds, and impossible bandwidth restrictions.
Relentless Reliability

You can count on us. Beam uses licensed spectrum, to reduce the types of interference typically found in congested unlicensed public spectrum.

Superior Support

Shentel has been part of the local community for over 100 years. Our locally based support team is only a phone call away.

Transparent Pricing

Know exactly what your monthly bill will be with Beam. We don't believe in surprise charges or fees.

A Company You Can Count On

Shentel has been offering telecommunications services for over 100 years. We center everything we do on one core promise: everyone deserves access to high-quality services, regardless of where they live. Beam is the next step of the Shentel tradition, expanding options for high-speed reliable internet across rural America. 

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Field and mountains with Jelly Beams

Kelsey Whelan

We were finally able to dump [Competitor] and doubled our download and tripled our upload speed with Beam. Keep doing what you're doing Beam! We appreciate it!

Lena Pilipenko

We started receiving their service a week ago and are very happy with it! A real problem solver for a rural area!

John H Bennetch

Our installer Jeremy was fantastic. Also SO refreshing to speak to a real person in West VA or Mt Jackson for customer service.